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Energy Storage Modeling Engineer

Location: San Diego, CA, United States
Date Posted: 11-15-2017

  • Knowledge of different energy storage technologies used in the Grid i.e. batteries, supercapacitors
  • Perform modeling and simulation of complex distribution systems with different types of assets such as line voltage regulators, load-tap changers, capacitor banks, cables, etc.
  • Model dynamic sources of real and reactive power such as inverters, grid edge devices and integrated energy storage solutions. Provide support for the marketing and sales team (pre- and post-) to develop and simulate various use cases in response to customer site specific requirements
  • Integration and impact analysis of distributed generation on distribution systems, power system modelling, analysis and simulation of transmission and distribution systems
  • Renewable energy grid integration, to include: wind and solar plant studies
  • Distributed generation interconnection analysis
  • Assist in creating design solutions and preparing presentations for interfacing with customers
  • Renewable energy (specifically wind and solar projects from 1MW to over 200MW-ac) and distributed generation and integration. Impact analysis on distribution and transmission systems
  • Direct experience with enhanced voltage and frequency regulation, reactive power capability and control functions to utilize this capability
  • Perform analysis and modeling of distributed energy resource issues and remediation strategies as related to battery energy storage for reverse power and fault current flows; voltage fluctuation; distribution feeder section loading; power losses as related to PV loading; unintentional islanding; ground fault overvoltage; harmonics; effects of fast transients caused by cloud shading and dynamic wind conditions; unwanted control interaction between battery energy storage systems and large scale inverters already installed in the distribution circuits; feeder imbalance.
  • Experience with power system design, modeling and analysis (distribution system analysis)
  • Some communication and control knowledge of DNP-3 and IEC 61850 control and communication systems is a plus)
  • Strong fundamentals of electric power systems and electric circuit theory with ability to perform Power quality analysis, power system transient and harmonic analysis
  • Ability to structure and perform project level modeling, analysis and case studies. Modeling and model verification testing with appropriate modeling tools
  • Skills in steady state, quasi steady-state, dynamic and transient analysis in utility circuits
Skills & Experience
  • Required: MS or PhD in electrical engineering from an accredited university7+ years of commercial system modeling experience including grid integration of renewable energy storage projects in the 1MW to 100MW+ size
  • Advanced working knowledge of battery energy storage and storage technologies
  • Experienced distribution grid and microgrid design, modeling, analysis and report generation
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills with ability to present data analysis and simulation results internally and to customers
  • Ability to collaborate and interact with clients and other project team members
  • Candidate must be skilled in the use of state of the art simulation tools such as
    PSCAD; MATLAB Simulink; RSCAD, Aspen; Design Base; Gridiant; PSLF, PSS/E; Open DSS; GridLAB-D; CymeDIST; DigSilent; PSS/Sincal; Nexant Grid360.
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