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Product Development Engineer

Location: Anywhere, USA, United States
Date Posted: 07-14-2017
Job Description & Duties
The Product Development Engineer will create and test new product designs, integrate market research, perform design analyses, and formulate manufacturing specifications. The successful candidate will:
  • Conduct research and design, lead testing procedures and draft specifications for manufacturing and direct the creation of models or samples and fine-tune designs until they are ready for production. Evaluate current designs for product improvements in areas including design, cost, and manufacturability.
  • Identify the needs and goals for a new product, from function to aesthetics. 
  • Develop production tests to verify product performance, monitor initial product yield, and quality and drive improvement efforts.  Plan and execute product qualifications to ensure reliability.  Coordinate activities for manufacturing release to meet scheduled milestones.
  • Conduct market research and work with material suppliers to evaluate market needs, existing competition, and potential costs.
  • Create designs using SolidWorks and AutoCAD to fabricate models that can be tested. 
  • Experiment with and analyze different materials, manufacturing processes, design tolerances, and other factors in the developmental process. 
  • Evaluate the feasibility of selected concepts to meet functional, critical, and customer needs.
  • Evaluate the feasibility of concepts and prototypes through engineering testing and analysis consistent with customer expectation.
  • Develop timelines and cost estimates for development tasks and appraise management of performance against plan.
  • Generate design history documents in compliance with company requirements.
  • Evaluate, document, and implement potential design and process changes to improve product performance, manufacturability, safety or cost consistent with company process.
  • Obtain components, supplies, equipment to support prototype assembly and conduct preliminary OEM vendor assessment.
  • Assess reliability, safety, performance, and risk of new designs & methodologies; coordinate and communicate development schedules and compatibility or design issues throughout the team continuously.
  • Oversee testing and theoretical analysis of products to determine product safety and efficacy.
  • 4+ years of practical experience in R&D, engineering or high-volume manufacturing with steel and aluminum products.
  • Design experience with structural components and hardware, gearing, or drivetrains using FEA, DFA, DFM, design for cost.
  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering (MS preferred)  
  • Ability to work on multiple projects concurrently.
  • Computer skills including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and SolidWorks minimum.
Jamie Paquette
Senior Recruiter

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