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Solar Construction Manager

Calgary, AB · Construction/Facilities
The Solar Construction Manager will take ownership of C&I and Utility scale solar projects in the US and Canada. This position requires a thorough understanding of solar construction and project budgeting as well as strong operational experience and leadership skills. 

  • Consolidate final operational budget (staff, travel, training, seminars/trade shows, equipment/tools, company trucks, etc.) each year.
  • Report monthly to your Manager against your KPI’s
  • Present quarterly to North American EPC Business Unit Management team for your group’s performance (KPI’s), special projects (new tools, R&D, research, etc.),
  • Report top achievements and top areas for development to bring to the Management team’s attention for update or discussion/support
  • Represent Company as a senior Management Representative as required along with Manager or as a substitute with existing or potential clients, partners, investors, etc.
  • Staff and manage your Group internal and external (consultants, suppliers, subcontractors, labor agencies, etc) resources including but not limited to procurement coordinator, project/contract manager, health and safety coordinator/consultant, site managers, field supervisors, master electricians, quality control/general labor
    temporary agencies personnel, etc. as suitable for the application/project
  • Manage clients in Canada and US using internal resources in engineering, procurement and construction through projects’ life cycle
  • Report and review on an on-going basis staff time allocation to project and development activities and support Accounting with timely monthly submission
  • Schedule training as required and within your allocated annual budget
  • Ensure good work ethic and behaviour (hours of work/lunch breaks/breaks, work activities, etc.) are respected and use discipline if required to ensure staff is compliant.
  • Ensure that Company property is solely used for business activities at work and off work (i.e. cell phone data plans monitoring, social media, etc.)
  • Run weekly internal meetings with your staff to manage priorities and ensure optimal utilization of your resources between your 3 areas of responsibility and identify/prevent any gaps or missed deliverables
  • Ensure consistent delivery of EPC Services, developing and continuously improving Program Management System Workflow and Standard Tools
  • Manage - directly or via assignment of adequate staff - awarded EPC sales orders until the warranty hand-over to different group or Business Unit (involvement in contract/budget negotiations pre-award may be required occasionally)
  • Ensure customer satisfaction of any and all repeat accounts or new clients
  • Monitor on-going use of standardized tools for project management: open issues lists, gantt charts, budget vs. actuals and cash flow monthly reports, weekly client project reports, internal meetings, NCR/CO tracking, etc.
  • Ensure project-specific payables, receivables and consolidated statements are managed weekly, in accordance with respective contracts.
  • Escalate potential loss in profitability from budgeted margins if necessary to management, early enough to provide guidance or support.
  • Build relationships and a reliable and trustworthy network of subcontractors, service providers, labor agencies, etc. through audits and assessments and build strategic partnerships in markets of focus and growth eg. AB, SK, MA, NY, IL, MN, but also WI, IA, MI, NJ, CT, VT and other markets as opportunities with existing clients arise (Western US, Mexico, Caribbean, etc.).
  • Develop, maintain and monitor contracts for self-hired trades and subcontractors in existing and upcoming markets
  • Develop Procurement system to cost effectively and rapidly procure PV BOS materials
  • Support Commercial/Sales coordination with BOS material cost estimates, construction labor rates/ratios, standardized budget/time studies for self performed work, supported estimates (from multiple quotes from audited and qualified subcontractors) for subcontracted work
  • Support as needed business development activities in the market promoting and selling EPC and Project Development Services through trade shows, market research, networking, pitches/presentations, etc.
  • Leverage experience and network in solar PV North American industry
  • Advocate core business values and principles to clients, suppliers and stakeholders
  • Display ethical and professional business behaviors and ensure company intellectual property/confidential information are protected at all times
  • 5 years' experience in Solar Project Management
  • Ability to travel in the US and Canada as needed
  • Bachelor's degree in business or Engineering or related field
  • 5 years' experience in a Project Management role 
  • Demonstrated ability to lead a team of professionals through operational excellence.  
Victoria Waye
Senior Renewable Energy Account Manager
+1(403) 370 2361
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