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Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Brooklyn, NY
Job Description:
The Machine Learning Engineer will be creating a cloud based machine learning platform for large building automation systems that will coordinate onsite energy assets with energy markets in real-time.

  • Build models and programs to predict building demand and onsite energy generation through analysis of data from building management system, weather, and other similar systems to aid in reducing energy consumption
  • Participate in the design and review of all data science initiatives including machine learning and forecasting systems
  • Build models to integrate forecasted demand into purchasing energy in energy supply (financial) markets
  • Oversee set up and maintenance of backend cloud infrastructure
  • Unify data from building systems, sensors, APIs, and other sources; design and build a database solution for analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs) in the energy sector
  • Assist in writing algorithms to properly dispatch assets, such as batteries, based on energy market signals and predicted user energy demand
  • Work cross-functionally with business teams. Collaborate with product to decompose requirements into technical tasks and drive enterprise value
  • Be cognizant of cost-of-service models to understand the financial cost of serving our customers, identify ways to drive efficiencies from our stack
  • Own engineering process to maximize velocity and code quality. Define the engineering organization, best practices, estimation, manage technical risk and debt, and own project management for the ML team
  • Recruit, mentor, inspire and develop engineering teams. Set goals and manage the performance of the overall ML team
  • BS/MS/PhD in Computer Science or Applied Math 
  • 4+ years experience in Machine Learning, Data Science and/or Software Engineering from multiple industries (energy industry experience preferred)
  • Familiar with machine learning frameworks (i.e. Keras or PyTorch) and libraries such as scikit-learn
  • Experience with multiple ML methodologies (i.e. linear regression, SVM, neural networks, random forests, etc.) and an ability to select each based on the problem described
  • Familiar with different database structures and methods to extract data from multiple sources
  • Familiarity with building systems and IoT sensors, their data, and analysis of applicable data (HVAC, occupancy, temperature, energy meters, etc.) is highly preferred, or ability to learn quickly
  • Experience with Python and other programming languages
  • Experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) ML tools and different cloud structures, as well as setup and maintenance of backend cloud infrastructure
  • Passion for designing and delivering mission critical code and products
Preferred Qualifications:
  • Experience working on applications/projects in the energy industry, familiar with energy terms, and passion for the energy sector
  • Strong network in the NYC tech scene and ability to use relationships to recruit great talent 
  • Accountability-minded. Can create a culture of healthy accountability in the team and balance code quality and speed to market
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