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Wind Site Manager

Abilene, TX
As Wind Site Supervisor you will be responsible for overseeing Operation and Maintenance of our clients Wind Site. You will ensure, administer and document Site Safety for all contractors and visitors, report and mitigate all unsafe conditions immediately, and submit incident reporting and lead accident investigation. You will prioritize environmental management by ensuring all personnel that are on the site/facility are following Hazmat requirements for the storage, transportation and use of chemicals, report and mitigate all unsafe conditions immediately, ensure compliance by all personnel on site with site environmental policy, local, state and federal laws and regulations, and submit incident reporting and lead accident investigation. 

The Site Manager is also responsible for contract management including all service agreements for the wind farm, including WTG (OEM or ISP) and BOP agreements., executing the on-site portions of the Asset Management Agreement (AMA), and providing ongoing communications and follow up with the Owner/Customer, landowners and other persons as required.

Additionally you will review and track scheduled maintenance and repair work, all reports, for Asset Management review, coordinate with all personnel performing work at the wind farm, to minimize loss of production, and maintain work schedule. You will schedule BOP work, including road maintenance and repairs, snow removal, recycling, trash removal, pest/vegetation control, etc, perform routine inspections of all WTG and BOP assets and report on conditions following major events, and control  site activities including access to site.

  • 10 years or more work experience in the wind industry
  • 5 years or more experience switching high voltage breakers and switches.
  • Excellent computer skills of MS Office
  • Excellent knowledge of Wind Turbine manufacturers and turbine technology
  • Training in Electrical safety
  • Ability to use safety harness
  • Excellent English in writing and speaking; second language beneficial but not required (Spanish, French)
  • Strong leadership skills based on Safety 
Victoria Waye
Senior Renewable Energy Account Manager
+1(403) 370 2361
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