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DevOps Engineer

San Jose, CA

The DevOps Engineer will support the backend software running cutting-edge Energy Management Software (EMS). This role is responsible for managing the system that handles data ingestion, analytics, and continuous closed-loop control of remote hardware, along with user interfaces, reporting, and sales tools. The DevOps Engineer will deploy on AWS along with grid-edge IoT compute devices at customer sites, and build out and maintain infrastructure to support scaling to many thousands of sites.

This role will also be responsible for deploying, scaling, monitoring, and supporting: database clusters; microservices components; AWS clusters/instances; logging, monitoring and alerting tools; and other parts of the infrastructure.

Ideal candidates will have experience with stack runs on AWS and remote Linux PC's, Apache, Python, PostgreSQL, Docker/Docker Swarm, Kibana, etc.


  • Excellent Python skills.
  • Experience deploying software on production systems.
  • DevOps experience maintaining backend cloud systems.
  • Experience with Linux, AWS, Git, Docker, Docker Swarm, PostgreSQL, Apache, Kibana, ElasticSearch, Dramatiq,
  • Familiarity with security and IoT systems is a plus
  • Well-versed with lifecycle and agile software development
  • You should have high expectations of yourself and others to deploy a usable, reliable, real-world product on time.
  • Startup experience is a plus as this role will have a significant impact on the progress of the company.
  • You should be comfortable working collaboratively in a small team, with ability to support operations, R&D, and business applications.
  • Experience and enthusiasm for sustainability and the energy industry are desirable.

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