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Solar Electrical Engineer

San Francisco Bay Area, CA
As Electrical Engineer, Solar you will work on conceptual design of solar PV projects, technical Due Diligence analysis including independent review of solar PV designs, testing/commissioning
procedures and QA/QC documentation conduct energy production and technical reviews of portfolios of project including residential, commercial and utility scale and provide opinions regarding potential flaws in process or methodology, analysis of energy production data from PV projects, including comparison of operating vs. modeled data, development of technical specifications and scope of work documentation for solar PV projects, and development of annual and long term solar energy assessments using PVSyst including uncertainty analyses using statistical and pragmatic approaches to determine probabilistic energy production forecasts. 

Additionally you will work on analysis and development of meteorological files and assumptions as well as forecasting long-term solar resource using measure-correlate-predict methods and other regression models, review and provide comments on energy estimates and resource assessment provided by third party consultants, site visits and inspection of Solar PV plants, review of feasibility studies for PV plants, and technical report writing and good communication skills in order to provide technical support. 

  • Electrical Engineering degree
  • Ability to write technical reports in English and proficient in MS Office
  • Experience in project management
  • Experience of developing proposals for work, including budgets, scopes of work and undertaking negotiations on scope and price with clients.
Megan Dinh
212-961-6956 ext. 702

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